WORKING PART TIME JOBS . . . The Billionaires Route

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WORKING PART TIME JOBS . . . The Billionaires Route


Looking forward to the school holidays in a few weeks time? Hanging around late nights, yum cha, movie binge till early morning. But be honest to yourself, the first week doing is alright. As what we’ve called as “lepas penjara”. However when the second week comes by, and you are still going at this rate. Man . . . the routine gets stale. Eat – Sleep – Repeat. You feel zombified. Soon there’s no feeling of satisfaction from doing nothing. What more you have got four to five more weeks to do this “nothingness” till you start school afresh again!

Well, don’t follow “your peers” into that nothingness trap! Given you still have time to rethink and re-value what to do on your holidays. If you are not in-line to inherit immense immeasurable wealth or even though if you are, there is nothing wrong with working part-time. Instead follow in the footsteps of those Billionaires of today or even the Millennial Millionaires. These very same Billionaires who’ve created value, services, networks, fashion empires which you are chasing right now. They too did the run-of-the-mill of part time jobs. In turn, many of these part-time jobs seems to seed the ideas which place them on the way to be the millionaires and billionaires that they are today.




1. Don’t shame those RED BULL PROMOTERS! Or drool over them . . .


Working part time as a Red Bull promoter


Many Gen Z have installed Snapchat App on your phone? I know that many Millenials have them. Evan Spiegel’s first job was a Red Bull promoter some 10 years ago. Who is he? None other than the co-founder of Snapchat worth a staggering $4 billion to date.


2. Calling all you students working for your school’s or college NEWSROOM



Many a times, these bunch of guys are branded the nerds. The weirdo’s or uncool crowd. Going around as if a journalist wanna-be’s and always finding out the latest conspiracies at school with news such as i.e.: Who stole the nasi lemak peanuts at the canteen from the “makcik”? Think thick glasses, neck ties and such. Well do not look down on these good folks who bring you boring and lame news in the school.

British Billionaire Richard Branson who is worth $5 billion today and is the owner of Virgin Group, started his own magazine publishing company when he was 16 years old. The magazine called simply – Student, which evolve into the Virgin media. Later grew into an empire of airlines industry and investments. Think that is lame? Wait till you see Virgin’s planes.


3. FLIPPIN‘ burgers at McDonald’s



Jeff Bezos used to flip burgers at McDonald’s. Who is he? Jeff Bezos currently the richest man in the world worth a staggering $147.3 Billion, or perhaps for many of you the word AMAZON would ring clear bell. Pretty sure that you or someone in your home have purchased something from Amazon, if not having browsed through their website.

4. Never look at an OFFICE BOY the same way



Closer to home, is the humble first job of Malaysia’s sugar king – Robert Kuok. Despite coming from a family background where his father a well-off commodities trader, Mr. Kuok claims that his first job was working as an office boy. Between 1942 and 1945, he served in Japanese industrial conglomerate Mitsubishi, a grain department. Today, he is the richest man in Malaysia with a value of $14.8 Billion according to Forbes.


5. TOUR GUIDES . . . know your trade


Jack Ma is holding the current awe of the world as Geek turned Tech-God of the 21st century, at least in Asia he is. Wielding a strong influence. While many have come to read his humble beginnings of being rejected from 30 over jobs which includes KFC, not many remember his first job when he is all but a student. Ever the opportunist since he was young. Jack Ma’s first job was a TOUR GUIDE in his beautiful hometown of Hangzhou, China. Seeing there was a boom in foreign tourist from the Western world. He has bartered to be paid with English lessons instead. The rest as they say is history. He used his acquired English language skill to bridge the world with China. The process earning him a whopping 34.1 billion. A true rags to riches story.




a. Character Building

Probably you’ve heard your parents constantly mentioning this important point of growing up. But it is true. Taking up a part-time job does build your character for the better. Don’t be a ‘strawberry generation’ as they say. This is your time to prove them wrong.

Note: Strawberry generation defined by Wikipedia as someone who cannot withstand social pressure or work hard like their parents’ generation; or who are unable to take hardships, narcissistic and deeply self-entitled.


b. Learn the true meaning of Value

Today, everything is so instant that you lose the value of things very easily. By working part time, you are able to cultivate the true meaning of value. For instance, you find out about that hard earned money is so valuable as you had to put aside 8 hours per day to achieve that RM100. With a touch of a button or a swipe, you can easily spend it in less than 5 minutes! Hence you learn the value of time and money.

The other value which you might not be able to purchase, is friendship. Perhaps you come from a middle class family. You’d be surprised, there are many who come from below average background who actually survive by these part-time jobs. Taking them through schooling. Giving you a whole new meaning of value in life!


c. Eureka moments


Giorgio Armani build his empire of fashion from an eureka moment while working as part time as a photographer’s assistant in Milan way back in 1957. He was still serving in the Italian military at that time. Taking the opportunity of the 20 days leave, the part-time was an idea of a friend. With opened eyes to the world of fashion. After completing his military service, he went back and explored further. That was how his empire was born. Eureka moments!


d. A taste of Freedom

You chance a taste of freedom with responsibility. Not that you are restricted in the first place by being at home and doing nothing (that is also freedom). But you are able to take charge of your freedom with value. Thinking ahead and planning your future more wisely. Now THAT is true freedom. Because freedom without responsibility will only be a weight around your legs. Shackling you to failure in life.
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