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HR is for Human Resource “NOT” Hantu Raya


In light of Halloween and all things ghostly and spooky, we have a fair share of our FEARS going on at our workplace too. No,we are not talking about the late nights or early mornings in the offices where the photocopier machine suddenly starts printing, or the flickering of lights, or even the annoying sound of drawers opening and slamming shut . . . repeatedly. Not kidding on the last scenario. (#truestory at my previous workplace, a hotel nestled by the beach in Kuantan, Pahang ).

Human Resource Department is a department people tend to FEAR. They would avoid HR people as if avoiding “Hantu”. The 5 examples is to deflect these negativity and hopefully moving forward, you can view “us” people in HUMAN RESOURCE as your ally instead of “Hantu Raya”!


1. You fear us because . . . We Are On Management Side


The age old thought of where HR people stand for only. No doubt for the overall function of HR department, we are the keepers for a company’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). But we are also the bridge between employees and the higher management. Instead, of viewing us negatively, you can always take us for your advocate. To propose ideas to the management on your behalf as employees. So, nope, a Human Resource Department is not a “yes man” for the management.


2. You fear us because . . . We Are Out to Get You!


No we are not out to get you. Far from it! Imagine, after going through the process of putting out advertisements to hire that position. After a successful hire, we the HR department goes through the process of “trying to get you” ? Does not makes sense. As it waste time and resources for the Human Resource personnel.

But of course, if that particular employee does not adhere to the companies SOP. In the process of getting the company into extreme difficult situation. Of course then the said employee would have to be given warnings and kept under observation. Is this not fair for both employee and company?


3. You fear us because . . . We Are Not Trustworthy To You


A common occurrence, when a bunch of employee having a discussion. When the HR personnel walked past, the conversations just die off and there is silence. There is a sense of fear that whatever that is being discussed will leak and gets reported to the management by the HR.

Well, this should not be the case. Tell us your fears, doubts, the insecurities you have of the current situation of the company. Or if situations faced are on a personal note which affects your job performance. The HR team are there to help you solve how you can best optimize your work while going through your personnel situations. Of course they are not there to solve your personal problems. Or even gossip about them.


4. You fear us because . . . We Live In Our Own World Of HR


No we do not actually live in our own world. We HR people do know what is going on in the different departments. But we cannot be involved in petty individual departmental politics. In fact we are there to diffuse the situation. HR management has come along way from before. Yes, many a times in the past many HR personnel do not understand the nature of business therefore unable to contribute constructively. The new batch of HR Directors and Managers are different. They are trained in managing all aspects including the business side.


5. You fear us because . . . We Bring Back The Dead To Life


Fearing the HR department to bring back work policies which are deemed unfavorable in the eyes of employees. Example of bringing back working on Saturdays, or even implementing fines which have been done away with. But have you ever stop and ponder, why would the HR need to bring back these policies? There must be reason. Perhaps by playing an active role, in advising your colleagues who are always breaking the rules to adhere to them. Working hard and ensuring the success of the company will bring benefit to all.

Human Resource Departments are in place in a company, just like a government is in place in a country governing that things run smoothly. That there is peace and prosperity to all it’s subjects. After all we are in the workforce to put food on the table and not joining a rebellion right?

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