Oh Monday Why Are You So BLUE?

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Oh Monday why are you so BLUE?


Why Does Monday Have To Be So Blue . . . At Work? You have the power to change it! It is just a stigma, a perception of every working employee and sometimes bosses that Monday is just that – Blue. But what if you treated Monday just like a Friday? The euphoria bubbling from deep within. The anticipation of going back to work after a weekend away from the office. Just think about it! Haven’t you heard that the mind is a powerful weapon? Indeed it is. We do not have to agree with the world on EVERYTHING. This statement is particularly true. Especially in the challenging time of the digital savvy world. It’s quite hard to keep up with the Jones’s as it were.

We at EYEWIL will try to prove why Monday is not so BLUE after all.



Come on parents. Especially both parents who are working. The weekends with kids are one of the most exhausting. It’s more work than working at the office sometimes. Especially for couples who have very young kids. It is all part of growing up. so hang in there.

There is a tiny voice of consciousness telling you don’t have to be guilty to feel this way,because it is work afterall. We totally identify with stay at home parents who have no choice. That is the reason why, Monday is not at all blue. But welcomed form of escape!



All you young people. Isn’t this the perfect excuse? Those young working adults who still stay with parents. Well you do have to do your fare share of house cleaning. When Monday comes to head back to work, it’s a nice diversion to postpone or pass that chore you are suppose to do. most people just do not enjoy house chores.




Just stating the facts. As if work enough is not a burden that you carry. Going home and spending the weekend with a nagging spouse just eats-up your peace of mind. Comes Sunday, you find this feeling of anticipation of Monday. That’s is a sure sign of No Monday Blues. you cannot wait to escape your nagging spouse.

But of course this is not a long term solution. We at EYEWIL are concern of your general and family well being. We advise you to seek couples counseling if this naggy spouse persist. After all happy and fulfilled marriage equals to success at the workplace.



Every struggling newbie has gone through this. Renting a small room and being cooped in the same square feet over the weekends is just not enjoyable. What more if you are without aircond and wifi. You practically look forward to 10 hours of air-condition at work! Don’t worry, this is a secret deep down that no one has to know.




Can’t wait to catch up with your colleagues and fill them in on what happened over the weekend. No, we are not talking about those “kepohchi” who are just waiting to gossip. You are generally looking forward to see your colleague turned BFF on the Monday! These are positive things to look forward to.

Human Resource Tip: In a company, it is vital that colleagues becomes friends or even BFF. It has been proven that employees with these healthy friendship tend to stay longer in an organization. Awesome way of employee retention.



Although this is not encouraged at the same co-working space. But it happens. You fell head over heels with your colleague. Or even with that lady who works on different floors in another company. You can’t wait to bump into her at the elevator.

A word of advice from EYEWIL – stalking is never good for your mental state of mind.

It is just a shift of mindset. How you view work. When Sunday comes, don’t tell yourself that Monday Blue is just around the corner and dampen the remaining weekend. Be positive! Be thankful! Hey at least you are assured with a job, where you can put food on the table and pay for yours and your family’s accommodation.

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