Working @ Kay’s Steak & Lobster: The 5 Senses of Kay’s Steak & Lobster

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Working @ Kay’s Steak & Lobster: The 5 Senses of Kay’s Steak & Lobster

Using only the best and high quality ingredients in their food and techniques of food preparation,

one can be sure that working at Kay’s Steak & Lobster will leave you with a sense of pride to serve the best of cuisines to your customers.


Come explore the 5 Senses of Kay’s:


1. Sight


Photo Courtesy of Kay’s Steak & Lobster

Stepping into work, get transported out of Malaysia each time your SIGHT  meets the interior.

A chic set-up, it really feels like you are working at one of those hip cafes along Boston in the USA or the booming scene of Australia’s hipster cafe street.

2. Hearing


Maybe you might have a chance to serve celebrities . . . Amy Search dined at Kay’s Steak & Lobster. Photo Courtesy of Kay’s Steak & Lobster


Satisfy your HEARING senses when your customers say yes. Whenever you suggest an awesome starter, main course cuisine or even desert from the Chef’s impressive menu.

Feel pride at the trust your customers have in you!


3. Taste


Photo Courtesy of Kay’s Steak & Lobster


Deliver the ultimate TASTE and fly your customers to heaven. We are talking about delivering 5 to 25 kg of solid awesome tasty cuisine . . .


Experience the blissful look on your customers face on their first TASTE as they bite into that juicy steak you just delivered.


4. Smell


Photo Courtesy of Kay’s Lobster & Steak


WORK in an environment where the delicious smell of chef’s cuisine constantly tickles your senses of SMELL.


5. Touch


Photo Courtesy of Kay’s Steak & Lobster

Learn (if you are a newbie) and continue to grow (if you are not) your experiences in basic knowledge of dining room, F&B service procedures and its function. ie: Educating the customer on how to use the cutlery from outside in. Or even how to enjoy on of the signature cuisine Thermidor Lobster.


When a perfect table setting with the right amount of table decorations brings joy to your heart. You know, you are called to serve @Kay’s Steak & Lobster. 


More Perks of Working @ Kay’s Steak & Lobster

a) You can sleep in late . . .

Working Hours:

Tue-Fri: 4pm – 11pm

Sat, Sun, & Public Holiday : 12pm – 11pm

Close on Monday

b) Gain knowledge on F&B Management on operating a restaurant

c) Enhance your responsibility – be in charge of sales and point-of-sales systems

d) Train your attentiveness, reaction and body muscles! Welcome customers, to taking down menu from customers to delivering 5 to 25 kg of food.

e) Be an effective team player. Working hand in hand with supervisor, the Kitchen team of Chefs and other colleagues.

f) Last and not least – JOB SATISFACTION!
You get most satisfied when a customer has praised not only the Chef’s skills on the cuisine but also for the service rendered. And when you customer returns because of you . . . even better.
Don’t wait. APPLY direct: EYEWIL/Kay’s Steak & Lobster (click here) or send your resume to 

Good food and great service goes hand in hand!


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