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If your bosses were heroes of Stan Lee’s creation (Marvel Hero), who will yours be?



In the recent light of losing one of the most loved comic artist who inspired these words, “not all heroes wears cape”, the great Stan Lee. Who have always centred his stories on everyday folks like you and me. Let’s take a look on who are the heroes or villains at our workplace. For those which inspired us to go the distance, and for those bosses who did not but instead fueled an opposite reaction. Instead of feeling put down, we rise out of the so called “problems” to go further.


If your bosses were heroes of Stan Lee’s creation, who will yours be?


SUPERMAN (artist Jack Kirby, 1962)



➣ The ultimate world saviour with the famous cape. He will be sure to safe you. But please don’t drop a kryptonite bomb on him. He might not be able to come to your rescue then.

In other words, don’t sweep your problems under the office carpets till it balloons over and cannot be saved.


SPIDERMAN (artist Steve Ditko, 1962)


➣ Young vibrant, a rebel leader in itself. Playful. But wants to bust crime. Cannot stand for bullies. For these type of bosses, you are more buddy than anything. Be sure he will have your back. But do not bully another employee, if not you might find yourself being cocooned in a web!


INCREDIBLE HULK (artist Jack Kirby, 1962)



➣ A huge temper, but with a heart of gold. Even with a terrible temper, the  Incredible Hulk is able to more or less choose to do the right thing. For these type of bosses, please do not try his temper by pushing your limits. Yes of course he will be fighting for the good of the company. But his way is to give a good thrashing while saving the company. You might just not survive the thrashing of the Hulk. Just saying.


THOR (artist Jack Kirby, 1962)



➣ Basically a demigod. Don’t invite his wrath, if not you might be the receiving end of the hammer. He is pretty benevolent and overly confident. He is high up there. But he also likes to walk among his subjects. His subjects being you employees on the lower levels. He will come down to your level to understand the problems that you are facing and try to work them out for you.


IRON MAN (artist Don Heck, 1963)



➣ Rich and flashy with a “mulut tak sensor” attitude. He does not really care about your feelings only stating your weakness in hope you will improve. But he makes sure to leave you with the latest technologies to work with. Rest assured, if you know your tech stuff as an employee. You are on the same page as this Tony Stark like-kind-off boss.


DR. STRANGE (artist Steve Ditko, 1963)



➣ You might find this kind-of boss “strange”. He talks in riddles with lots of life philosophy. But when you are in deep trouble, he can always use the time stone to pull you out of that sticky situation. It’s just pure magic!  


BLACK WIDOW (artist Don Rico & Don Heck, 1966)



➣ The powerful woman in black pumps. You only see a pretty face and do try her patience. But don’t be fooled. When she trains her guns or knife on you. She went through a lot and have climbed the ladder. But she still chooses to help the weak … which are weaker employees like you. To be a much better person. In order to never follow the hard pathway which she took. So with these bosses, you should heed her advice!


There are many more heroes which are not listed here, these are but the first few creations in tribute to Stan Lee (Marvel creator) who have recently passed away. When we are working, a strong leader is so important. Our daily life as employee, really does depends on what kind of bosses we have. For some who have experienced great bosses, they are sometimes viewed as the heroes mentioned above. In which when we move on to another company pursuing another career, these are the bosses who will shape how we continue to grow in one. Perhaps it is also your time to be one of these super hero bosses.

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