Brrrrrr . . . it’s so cold in the office! Or aahhh a nice hot cup of coffee or tea is a comfort in a cold office. These are pretty common words you hear around the office. Uttered either by our colleague or even yourself. Here in Malaysia where we enjoy a tropical weather all year round, it is a welcome to some but not as much to many.

Have you ever pause to wonder why does your offices feels like it’s in the middle of the north or south pole? It’s so cold that you and your colleague have to wear a windbreaker, gloves, a beanie on your head, thick scarf but minus the snow goggles of course (there is no blizzard happening in the office of course). On the contrary to these cold conditions happening in our offices here in Malaysia, there is always a reason and a logic to keeping the office cold.

This article is to enlighten the negative myths of cold offices. Below are the four benefits of having a cold office:





As it is, on most jobs, there are of course certain level of stress. Should your office have a warmer environment, this might just cause more emotions to heat-up and maybe more office drama might occur. Having a cold environment at work has been proven that it keeps the emotions in checked. As a colder weather or colder offices keeps the body temperature cool. Hence keeping you more level headed. With this you might have just avoided murdering that difficult customer or even annoying colleague of yours.



Talking about keeping you level headed with colder temperatures, this also helps you to make wiser business decisions at work. You are able to think better. It also might boost your sales, should you have business in retail.

Coming from a scientific perspective, by two researchers — Amar Cheema of the University of Virginia and Vanessa M. Patrick of the University of Houston. They carried out an innovative study of how heat affects the decision-making. The research took over a year on the purchasing habits of lottery tickets in St. Louis County, USA.

The results based on 2 types of ticket sales:

◆ Sales for scratch tickets, which require buyers to choose between many different options, fell by $594 with every 1° Fahrenheit increase in temperature.
◆ Sales for lotto tickets, which require fewer decisions on the part of the buyer, were not affected.

It is thought that, during warmer environments it encourages the body to use more glucose to maintain the normal body temperature, leaving a lesser amount of glucose which is required for cognitive processes.




With the colder environment, with the body and mind more focus, productivity is usually ramp-up. This is also one of the many reasons why especially in traditional factories, or even warehouses environment the temperatures leans towards the colder side.

Imagine, if within your work environment is a little hot and feeling humid. Would you have the mood to work? It makes you sleepy. Just like a holiday by the beach, hot and humid. You do not want to walk around shopping, but instead just laze and do nothing enjoying a cooler drink!





Well for many of us working class Malaysians, we cannot afford to jet out every year-end to enjoy winter solstice. With savings perhaps, a visit to a white winter wonderland in every two years once or maybe three. With an office which is really cold, you can now showcase your love of winter high fashion! Put on that suede jacket, the soft cashmere pashmina or even that kid-leather gloves which you have been dreaming of and of course not forgetting that cute ear muffler . . .benefits of winter in the office.

So the next time you head to office and find it extremely cold . . . think about all the cold benefits you have just read!


November 23rd, 2018|How-to Guide|