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When Travelling Motivates You – 5 Ways To Save Up For A Vacay


November is coming to an end, December is ready to begin. A shout out to all fresh grad who will be starting your first job in 2019 . . . map up a budget and save for a VACAY!

Time don’t only fly, it travels to the many exotic places in your wish list of destinations. Having landed that first job, you are all up and excited to start your first day of work in 2019. But nothing beats the feeling of getting that first paycheck at the end of the month. A whole full month of your first salary. Effectively sealing your step into the world of adulting!

Going back in time, I remember there were no advice given to me on how I should plan and budget my salary. It took many school-of-hard knocks to manage ones finances. An entry level salary might not seem much at the end of the day. Thinking to yourself, gosh, there’s never enough at the end of every month!

But not to worry, with proper planning you are able to save for an emergency and a VACAY!

1. Wonderful World Of Apps



Use that given technology! There are increasingly many of these free app to be downloaded from either android or apple store. Apps such as Digit or Qapital are popular among the travel-bloggers-tribe. different app function slightly differently. Some savings only on small change while others encourage you to put aside a larger sum. However large or small the sum, it has been proven to help in the savings department.

Here are 15 other money saving App for your to explore! 

2. Have More Than One Pot of Savings


At the end of the month when you receive your salary. Divide your savings into two or three pots after you have minus out the sum for rent or mortgage and utilities. They can be divided for emergency savings pot, savings for travel pot and miscellaneous savings pot. Place a total sum of 5 to 10% off your monthly salary. Watch it grow. By year end, you are ready to book your flight tickets!

3. Don’t Be Shy To Borrow!



Sometimes it is okay to be a little thick skinned and make the first move to ask. I am sure your family or friends would be more than happy to lend it to you. Not talking about money (a no-no to borrow money for leisure travel). Borrow winter clothing’s if you cannot afford one. They don’t come cheap and you cannot frequently use it in Malaysia. After all how often do you travel to a winter country? Of course if you do have the means to travel frequently to a winter country, then it is best to purchase!




Bring Your Own (BYO) lunch to work and save for that travel! Or even cook your own dinner at home. It really helps. A simple calculation:

– An estimate of RM 10 per lunch x 25 working days = RM 250 net per month
– RM 250 next x 8 months of savings = RM 2,000

With RM 2,000 isn’t that pocket money for your travels or even to cover your air tickets and accommodation during travels?

5. Set Aside Your Side Income Towards Travel Savings


The main idea is to set the earnings from your side incomes for travels. What are the streams of side income? You can opt to work part-time jobs such as barista positions, as event crew on weekends, or even part-time data entry for a BPO company.

If you can afford, rent out your home while you’re away for a vacay or even work. If work commitments needs you to travel all the time. Income earned from these rents should be place aside for your travel savings!

These are just a few examples of how to save for your vacation. Especially if you are just joining into the wonderful world of corporate workforce! Everybody needs a vacation now and then. It has been proven to boost productivity at work. Where after a vacation, employees have proven to be more motivated at work. By practicing above, you can spend a little more lavishly on the destination of your vacation than your peers who do not save.

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