How To React On Your Last Day of Work?

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How To React On Your Last Day of Work?

Have you wondered how you will react on your last day of work when it is your turn? The feelings bottled up for the entire duration of your service to the current company. Especially those who have worked for a company more than 5 or even 10 years. For those who have worked for a company under 2 years and then move on, perhaps the emotions might not be as deep.

Regardless of how long or short your service to the company, when it all boils down to the last day of work. You may actually catch a glimpse of the person, if not a revelation of who your soon-to-be ex-colleagues really are! Humans are pretty interesting, if it is not by their actions, sometimes it is by the words that are spoken from deep down in their hearts. A very wise man once said “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.

Having seen it first hand, I couldn’t agree more.

Below are 5 types of personality which will show it’s true colors on the last working day. Some pointers on how to react on your last day of work!




Usually for these personality traits, the drama begins in small doses in the last week of their tenure. Just like a busy bee, they fly to one department to another telling everyone who are free to listen that they have resigned. Prompting the natural response of “eh why you resign??” from the other colleagues. Ahah! This is the opening opportunity to dramatize why they are resigning. On the last day, a hanky or tissue is sure to be on hand. When there is a farewell dinner and speech that has to be given. There will be red-eyes and nose as well as the rivers of tears that flow. It is lucky no one has drowned from the sheer force.





Now these personality trait of “I AM FRIENDS WITH EVERYBODY” type can be quite dangerous. Usually they are from the sales or marketing department. That is why they are good in what they do. But they have resigned and are looking forward to the last day. Pay careful attention, and don’t let them charm you with their ease. They might be compiling information of potential clients for the next company they join. Now, if you are this kind of personality, perhaps you might want to tone it down a little on your last day of work.





Think Zayn Malik look alike? Or for the older generation perhaps the King of Pop – Elvis Presley . . . Always a lover and never fighter. When they walk into the office every morning you can hear a collective sigh. When the news of their resignation spread. All hell break loose! There will be crying, stomping of feet, pulling of hair and other extreme fans syndrome. But till the very end, even on the last day of work, these heart-breaker types will be sure to break a few more hearts with sweet promises. Leaving their memories to stay a long time to come.





For those saint type of employee turning into devils on the last day of work, these are the pretty dangerous types. They were the model employee, always sacrificing personal time and space for the company. Who could have practically be a martyr for the company. But at last, they feel under appreciated. Therefore found a new job and proceed to tender. Now on the last day, when they send out their last “farewell” email. This is where many and including the bosses might be surprised at the viciousness of the message. They were the ultimate saint turned devil when they leave. With bitterness in their hearts, blaming a company for their failures.





Well coming to the last but not least personality trait is the real deal. These people are always keeping it real. To them, they cherish the relationship built during the years of their service as well as the opportunities given. At the same time, they also do know that the way for open doors are to move forward if the current company does not have prospects. But this is a more rationalize thinking without bitterness. It is just as it is, all due to the right time and place. Hence they do not burn their bridges. But at the same time, they are genuine. Hence for these types, the last day of work are a day of mixed feelings.Thanking the old company and also looking forward to new challenges ahead.


So which one are you? Are you also looking forward to the last day of work? 



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