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LIFE SKILLS … They are important!!

Seeing friends with different life skills which they can rely on as a backup when there is an unfortunate event such as when your hear whispers of vss, straight out retrenchment, or some might even add a future “retirement plan”, has sparked a thought in me that these skills are really important to nurture.

What are life skills and why are they important …

The question that begs to be answered is, do we really need life skills? As currently you can almost do anything – DIY by searching videos on YouTube. Ahah! It is equally important to put effort in acquiring the sought after skill through a proper channel and not only YouTube. Not saying it does not help.

Why you ask? Do I need to waste time learning whichever skills I want that takes my fancy in a classroom. When I can learn it instantly on the net or on YouTube! Well, wanting to learn the skill is one thing, having the passion and tenacity to perfect it, is altogether a different ballgame. Like a baby born today, you don’t expect the baby to be earning a salary tomorrow.  

What kind of channel? These are some of the ways where you can upgrade yourself so per-se. As life skills takes you a long way through.

Different Channels To Enhance Your Life Skills:


The traditional way, enrolling into a part-time course and getting the necessary certification is the traditional way to go. Of course, this channel cost not only time, it also cost money. But the rewards are, you have a clear and proper channel to study and learn your skill with the guidance of an instructor or a teacher. Along the way perhaps you are able to connect with other course-mates and widen your network for future opportunities. One might just never know.


“Teach yourself” seems to be the norm these days. It is good, as it shows you have initiative to do your own research and learn. But it is for the most discipline of personalities. As we all know in life, there are just simply too many distractions. You might be able to start one-thing and not finish it. As mentioned earlier, one video of DIY from YouTube certainly does not qualify you as having experience. The cake you bake or that particular craft you make, you are able to market and sell at the same time receiving repeat orders. Will be the proof that you are able to self-learn and profit from the skills you’ve acquired.  


Last but not least, a win-win channel to acquire another set of skill is WORK PART-TIME! Many of today’s millionaire or even billionaire have walked this pathway before they hit they made it big time. The skills along the way they learned from the job and people they met while working that part time job. Place them in the pathway to this destiny.

Perhaps it is also time for you to re-think your life strategy. By learning another Life Skill.

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