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Having A Muhibbah Office

On a Saturday evening, at the playground it has begun to feel like those days of Malaysia muhibbah has began to take place once more.

The Chinese, Malay and Indian children playing together. But this time speaking English to each other. Such a lovely site to encounter. Children they are race-colour blind.

The parents of these children, hanging around nodding to one another with acknowledging smiles. Somehow seems to warm the heart. It always take that one smile to spark a conversation.

Well, if this scenario can be brought back to the office, comes Monday. Wow, wouldn’t it be a great way to start the week? Polite, courteous and respectful of one another’s culture.

Here are a few suggestions of having an “Office Muhibbah”. After all our Malaysian cultures are unique.


Smile to one another. Not only to your own race and clique. Don’t give a fake smile too. Don’t go to work where you have to keep changing your facial emotion. “When you see your own race you smile and speak in the same language – next moment you turn around see your colleague of another race and you don’t smile”. Beware your neurons might get confused and leave you with facial paralysis.  



Meaning take turns on different cuisine. You have 5 working days right? Rotate the menu. You know eating the same type of dish daily can be a bore. Our nation is so blessed that we have a wide variety of cuisine at our finger tip! And eating less “one type of meat” where your other colleague can’t consume due to religious believe, won’t make you less healthy. Instead, it might help with a balance in your diet. Don’t diss the vegetarians too! Having one meal of veggie in a week might keep your cholesterol level down …


This is an unspoken Perk in working in a Muhibbah Office! Hey if the whole office is a single race … here in Malaysia with our allocated Public Holidays … you seriously don’t know what you’re missing out. Take it from a person who have worked in a single race corporate company.

Even more so as Chinese New Year is just around the corner, those who have a muhibbah office environment will be feeling thankful. That they indeed, do not have to sacrifice and come back to the office to start work early in the Lunar Calendar. For this year especially, where the Chinese New Years is arranged in such where you take annual leave for 3 days, and gain you almost 9 days in a stretch of leave!

4. SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY once again . . .

With different races at work, the way one solves problems might be different. Work together. Learning from each other. Improving on the good of each others culture. Seeing the children of different races playing together, really brings home the point. They do not differentiate by the colour of your skin. I remembered, after school following Azianti (my secondary school best friend) back to her home after school. Having lunch together and resting there, while waiting for co-curricular activities to start late noon. Fond memories, I’m chinese by the way. These days . . . there are few such opportunities I must say. 

It is the adults in today’s society which are constantly suspicious of the one who is of a different race. Well, rewire how you see things! Work together for the good of the common goal. 


With a muhibbah office. It makes you a better person. You learn how to be more understanding, looking at things differently through the eyes of your colleague of another race. You get to try out awesome authentic home cooked cuisine which you can never find anywhere else. Of course the deal with we Malaysians always revolve around good food. Just like the simple dish of rojak! Consisting of different fruit, it is the “paste” which matters. Hence the Malaysian-ness in us is like the paste of rojak – an intangible distinction that makes us unique.

Let’s work together in preserving our roots while drawing strength from one another. For a better workplace and in turn, creating a happy evening at the end of the day when you are back from work. By having that peace of mind.

We here at EYEWIL wishes everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS 2019 and drive safe on the road. Let’s celebrate Malaysia’s diversity at our Workplace once more!

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