When your workplace Is Like A Mission Impossible (MI) Movie

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When your workplace Is Like A Mission Impossible (MI) Movie


Have you ever felt that your life was like a hamster on a tiny hamster treadmill? Of course hamsters are cute! They eat, sleep, poop and birth an abundant babies. Well some people’s work life are like the hamsters. But they are contented and happy.

While others thrive on sensation, adrenaline rush which of course brings drama. This type of working life is akin to Mission Impossible. “Think Tom Cruise”. For the millennials … please don’t ask, Tom Cruise who?

If you notice, in every Mission Impossible movie, the scenario are something akin to circumstances or experiences you face at work . . .



MI Scene 1: Always the underdog … which is Tom Cruise role of course, as Ethan Hawke. He is always the run away, not trusted person by America. Wanted like a criminal by many organization ie; CIA, FBI the intelligence agency. But in actual fact he is saving the world.

Workplace Scene: You are the simply good looking guy, which every male in your current company is jealous of. Coupled with that, your boss (who looks like a toad) is jealous of you and your brilliant new ideas. But your intentions are always pure and perfect. You always come up with solutions to the impossible at your workplace. Even if it means shooting the president of united states with a dart, if it gets the job done.



MI Scene 2: There is always, this hot girl-spy which double crosses Ethan Hawke

Workplace Scene: Basically pretty faces are your weakness at work. If you are a boss, you tend to let that pretty girl employee get away with murder. This will cause a complication and unfairness in the company. They will just leave you in the end, riding away like those spy-girls on the motorbikes. Then you have to come back and face those loyal staff who have been working a hundred years for you. Please enlighten us , where are you going to place your face? Treasure the long serving staff, while at the same time, yes you definitely need new blood for new ideas.  


MI Scene 3: There is always a Villian trying to steal top secrets

Workplace Scene: Perhaps many can identify this type of villainy at your workplace. There is always this person, who hovers around you. Eavesdropping on your ideas, and then stealing them for themselves and claiming the credit at work. Am sure many have gone through this situation. Well, then you have to always be a step ahead. Perhaps, when the idea kicks in, talk to your superior first and then mention it to the team. Where from there on you can work on it together. I am sure, your superior will be able to differentiate who is the real deal.


MI Scene 4: And there are those really good friends who will always be around for Ethan Hawke

Workplace Scene: Even though you always come up with this brilliant idea of saving your company, or getting more revenue and business for the company. You always get into trouble. But there are times, when you have really good colleagues turned friends who will be there for you. They will try to cover you at work, should you be in trouble. Forged friendships are truly hard to find. For no man is an island. You need a team to work with to make things successful.


MI Scene 5: Where the President of the United States thanks Ethan Hawke

Workplace Scene: In the very end, while making dangerous and risky decisions. There are positive end results. Which in the end you might have save your company. Or perhaps, getting in that huge business through means. Where the CEO of your company thank you for achieving such. Of course, the other side of coin is, what if you fail? That’s another story altogether.


MI Scene 6: There will always be the next scene of Mission Impossible

Workplace Scene: Don’t be disheartened at work or with your workplace. Just like the movie, there is always a next Mission Impossible movie  at the end. One can’t expect things to run smoothly at workplace for life. For sure there will be challenges, painful to go through but perhaps the rewards are worth it in the end. Unless you would like a mundane life like the cute hamsters.

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