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Working from 9am to 5pm in itself is already extremely tough, what more if you have a boss who really utilizes each and every cent he or she has hired you with. Plain speaking wise, wrung you dry of the Return Of Investment (R-O-I) the management has supposedly invested in you. Be that it may, that it sounds cold. But don’t judge, it is simply the stark truth. After all no employer ever hire you to give you free money or to watch you fail in your job task. They have hired because they would like to further expand the profit in their company. From whichever department you are hired for, it contributes either significantly or not to the good of growing the company.

To the employers, there’s differences in outcome if, you first invest in time to strengthen the foundation before wringing your employees of their R-O-I or just throwing them into the deep end AND expecting them to produce the R-O-I.

That brings us to the title of this article. Get hired to have a salary, not by becoming a celery . . . (no offense to fellow vegans). Here you wonder, why these newly employed can’t last past the third month and resign. In order to not work your salaried employees until they are celeried, here are a few conscious steps you can implement in your workplace as a manager.


Strong Foundation

Building strong foundation in the new hire is vital, and this have to be achieved through proper introduction and training. Spare at least one week minimum if not two. Introduce your company’s brief history, they need to know how your company started and where it has achieved till today. Overall operation workflow. To give them an idea, how the business works. Even though they might not be involved in operation. This helps to set a general understanding, in the beginning.

Rather than letting the newbies be clueless and if allowed, they will then be ignorant.

Normally a big corporation might have these available, but small SME business might not. Hence, don’t worry for those who are working in SME. Just use your companies profile, however brief it is. Use the vision and mission of the company. These are the very foundation that all employees need to know.


Purpose Of Hiring – Define New Job Role

‘Your words say one thing, but your breath speaks the truth!’

Managers or team leader are to set the new employees job task and goals within the first two weeks of new employment, if not then at least by the beginning of the third week. Why are they hired and what are the companies goals (this should be covered in no.1), and how their role will fit in to achieve it. What are the expectations and contributions from the new job role. If these are communicated clearly much earlier, the newbies will not feel confused of where they stand in the bigger scheme of things.

Don’t hire them for a given position and to only have them manage another job task, which they might not want in the first place. Of course flexibility and versatility are what any and all employers look for in an employee. Like many companies in Malaysia, the term “one-leg-kick” is very commonly used. Especially in light of cost cutting measure.

But perhaps by, prepping the new hire before the new-hire agreement is signed. To find out if it is alright for them if after 3 months confirmation and if they can master the initial task, more job responsibility will be task to them. Maybe highlight the benefits, stating that by being able to proof that they can handle more will open doors to faster job position advancement.

Curb Your Temper

Try to curb your temper, please see the doctor if you have bipolar issues. You might not realize it. Perhaps these strawberry generation is not so strawberry after all? That the “old-school” ways of screaming to someone into submission does not work anymore? After all, we are all civilized beings. Malaysia is trying to move beyond being a 3rd world country. Perhaps it has to start with a personality shift first. Starting from the managers.

You must understand, your word is not the ultimate. Unlike those days. These generation are exposed to so much more and are widely traveled. They are not going to stay and take your nonsense. To them, there are always a better way to a solution. Perhaps, current managers have to realize that this generation will only give respect where it’s due. In other words – you gotta earn it. Not by scare tactics anymore.


Investing In The Future Generation

“What did you think I meant when I said the celery was non-negotiable.”

Move with times, not many employees in these time and age will work for a salary till they are akin to a celery. You have to give them a valid and strong reason to stay within your organization. By accepting that there is no more loyalty to a company. Well not for everyone, but to most. Hence, you got to invest in the future generation by changing your management style.

These younger generations with the input of so much information, what can current employers enrich them with? If you would like them to continue to stay and contribute to your organization.

Sometimes, money is not all of it.

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