Smile and the world smiles with you is a rather apt phrase. A smile is like a prelude to a good day or a great day in fact.

It naturally affects the person who you are meeting. One of the age old secrets of both tele-customer service and tele-marketers is smile when you answer and greet the customers over the line. They might not be able to see you, but they most certainly can hear the smile through the line.

Some pioneers have the theory that, with a smile through the line, generally a person’s whole facial physique lifts, and the greetings of the voice projecting out automatically sound clear, happy and warm. When the listener on the other end hears this type of warmth through the line, it immediately puts them at ease … even though on first thought they want to complain angrily  (to a customer service personnel) or they are ready to turn down the call received (to a tele-marketeer).


A smile can ease operational barriers. If the nature of your job is having to deal with many different departments within the organization. Yes, a simple smile.  When asking your colleagues in the other department for assistance or informing them of their job task. Why can’t one be kind and sweetly ask or inform the task ahead? It would cause the other party to happily and willingly assist you. Some might even go the extra mile. Just because of your sweet smile. Or would you rather frown and with a haughty demeanour “instruct” the job task to your colleague? And have them think . . . what a prick! While they still get the job done, but I think it might not be done well or perhaps just the bare minimum.

Smiling to your clients’ receptionist can also open doors to many opportunities and favour from your clients. Of course, this you have to judge the correct time and place. Not when your client is negotiating something serious with you and you smile silly. I am afraid, you would lose all clients in no time.

As a client if you smile to those serving you, you might also get perks. Coming from a person whom have worked in the service industry serving clients, I tend to give extras if my clients smile and are pleasant customers. Because all of this comes from the heart. An extra scoop of ice-cream here, another pint or glass of wine on complementary, a throw in extra goodies like a whole dozen of packets of famous “delicious peanuts” during “flight” on certain airlines . . . without the customers asking. All because of a simple smile and gratitude from the customers.

Even a baby smiles back at you when you smile at them and they frown at you when you frown at them! A baby mirrors your facial reaction. What more an adult?

So smile today . . . and make your world and workplace a better place! Just don’t keep smiling constantly in a creepy sort of way. That would warrant an arrest.

GIFs and pictures inspired by Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots

April 23rd, 2019|How-to Guide|