In a blink of an eye, we have arrived into mid-month of Ramadhan where our Muslim colleagues have diligently fast before the end and Eid-Mubarak Celebration of the New Year begin. We would like to highlight the benefits of fasting at your workplace.

Of course, Malaysia is a multi-racial country, where laws does not impose to those who are non-muslim to follow. In that we are thankful that we can go about our habits undisturbed or forced to comply in a certain way. We are indeed blessed to be born here in Malaysia!  

But you would be surprised that, besides the Islam faith where once a year, the practice of Bulan Puasa (fasting month) takes place, there are also other faith’s who do practice fasting. Either due to religion or it could be due to a health regiment wise.

What are the benefits of fasting at work? Let’s unravel the benefits of fasting and perhaps . . . one would see this yearly ritual in a different light. Not only as a practice by our Muslim friends each year.


It helps RENEW cells in your body and slooooowwwww down aging


In the year of 2016, Yoshinori Ohsumi (a Japanese cell biologist) of Japan, wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for Study of ‘Self-Eating’ Cells. In his study, fasting for short periods of time can help with cell renewal and also slowing down the aging process.

The term coined a combination of two Greek words called Autophagy which literally translates to “self-eating”. The old cells are eaten by the new cells during the interim of fasting. Giving birth to rejuvenation of new cells.  

LEAN Muscles

Many people have the misconception that if one fasts, the body mass naturally goes in to softening. This is actually far from the truth. During fasting, of course one will experience small pangs of hunger. When the body is experiencing hunger, a type of stress hormones called noradrenaline is released. Which causes the metabolic rate to increase instead of decreasing. Meaning your body is still turning the remaining fat into lean muscles.   

PATIENCE at all time high

Generally when one is fasting physically, it also does affect behavior. Awareness is heightened. Therefore patience and tolerance will follow. For example animals who burrow themselves during winter season, the body’s metabolism slows but the body do not stop functioning. Therefore causing them to be in a state of natural induced sleep.  

Compared to a human body, when you are fasting, your metabolism will slow down and concentrate on keeping your body in survival mode. Do you think, one would still have the energy to be angry at just about anything?

CLARITY of mind and soul   

“Fast and I shall tell you! Acting according to your preconceived ideas is easy, but easy ways do not conform to heaven’s will,” said Confucius. … “That is only the ritual way of fasting, not the `fasting of the heart’!” replied Confucius.

Weight LOSS . . . of course!

Of course gradually your steps will be lighter by a few pounds at a time. This is outcome is bound to happen! But lose weight responsibly. Don’t go on extreme fast without planning and research just so you can lose half your weight. It is rather a universal knowledge for now, weight loss fast can be regained equally as fast – twice as much.

We would suggest intermittent fasting for those who have never tried before. If one is not observing fast due to religious wise.

Try it today and who knows you might just have your light-bulb moment during these times . . . it does say somewhere intermittent fasting might just be a remedy that can boost the brains. So start your work-place fast today!




May 16th, 2019|How-to Guide|